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Scholastic Year 2014-15 is now part of history!

There is an expression in Latin that says: Tempus fugit – time flies (passes) and how true this is.

Week after week, event after event and the calendar scrolls always ushering something new. As we started the third term we were gearing ourselves up to the last group of events and activities. The annual examination were also very present in the minds of both teachers and students, the teachers preoccupied with concluding the syllabus, while the students, or a good percentage of them, with the stress that exams bring with them.

Kreattiv DigiDev Project
Friday 5th June had been marked on some students' calendar for quite a while and they were truly looking forward to it! Finally the much awaited GameDev Challenge live-in took place. It all started months ago when Mr. Charles Theuma, principal of St Martins Institute for Higher Education, approached our Computing teacher, Mr. Maurice Aquilina to discuss the possibility of a collaboration between their institute and our school on a Kreattiv Project.
Graduation Ceremony 2015

As they crown the good work of previous years, graduation  ceremonies are occasions of great happiness and celebration. Yet Friday 5th June 2015 proved to be a bittersweet experience for both staff and Form 5 students. Each student was incredibly happy that he has finally finished his secondary school years with success but at the same time everyone realised that we have finally reached the sad parting of the ways.


This web site aims to give you information about our school, its organisation and how we strive to create a positive environment for every student who chooses to attend our school.

We are deeply honoured to have the opportunity to lead St Michael School’s community as it enters its 68th year of service. Through the years we have developed a strong appreciation for the holistic approach to education and we try our best to provide an outstanding opportunity for youths to grow and develop as mature Christian citizens.


On behalf of the Board of Directors, the Senior Management Team and all the Teachers and Ancillary Staff wish you a very happy Summer holidays. We are sure that you feel really happy with these holidays after your hard work throughout the year and these final exams.


Enjoy your holidays with your parents, play games, visit your relatives and spend time by the seaside. At the same time, keep busy at home and help out your parents with some chores. Employ some time in reading books, do some revision work, watch interesting documentaries on TV or DVD's, and do some voluntary work within the community.


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