An act of Solidarity

After hearing the story of Jaiteh Lamin, a young man from Sudan who suffered injuries at work and later abandoned on the street, St Michael School wished to express its solidarity with him.

For this purpose, two handmade cards were done by the art teachers.  All students and staff members were then invited to sign and write their message to Jaiteh wishing him a speedy recovery.

A very good number of students and staff welcomed the idea and expressed their wishes to Jaiteh. The cards were then delivered personally to Mr Lamin at the hospital where he is recovering from the injuries he suffered. Jaiteh was touched by this gesture and expressed his gratitude to the school for showing such solidarity during this difficult time.

Initiatives like this show our social and catholic commitment as a church school.  This complements the holistic education given at school which is so important for our students.

We wish a speedy recovery to Jaiteh and we promise our prayers.

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