Annual Prince’s Trust International Celebrating Success Event

Monday, 29th April – A ceremony to celebrate the success of the Prince’s Trust International Achieve Programme of 2019, was held at Saint Vincent de Paul, the elderly residential home.  Five students from Form 4 who have Prince’s Trust at  our school attended for this ceremony together with Mr Tabone and Mr Luke Borg.

At first, the students met the elderly informally in one of the wards.  The elderly took turns to share their life experiences with the young students.  Soon after, our students had a meeting with Hon. Evarist Bartolo, Minister for Education and Employment, and with Hon. Dr Anthony Agius Decelis, Parliamentary Secretary for Disability and Active Ageing.

All schools present then gathered in the main hall of the residence.  For this occasion, Brady Agius who successfully finished work related to Prince’s Trust last year, was invited to share his experience throughout this project.  He explained how this project helped him grow up and was crucial for him to enrol in MCAST with Level 4.  He said that in Form 3 he was close to giving up at school, but this project encouraged him to continue.  For sure, Brady’s story was an inspiration to those present.

In the name of the school I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Luke Borg and Mr Tabone who coordinated this project in our school.  Thanks also to Ms Maureen Amoroso, EO of he Prince’s Trust International Achieve Programme for her continuous help and support regarding this project.

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