Ash Wednesday Celebration

On Wednesday 26th February we celebrated the beginning of Lent together as a community.  Two Form 5 students made an introduction in the form of a dialogue were they discussed Carnival and Lent giving an example of how at times we disguise ourselves with masks not only during Carnival but during our everyday life.

These students delivered a positive message inviting everyone to stop our daily routine and take time to reflect about our life… Lent is really the right time for this…

Fr Ruben Vella, an ex-student of our school celebrated mass with the ritual of Ash Wednesday.  During the homily delivered by Fr Ruben he prayed that everyone should welcome Jesus to work in our hearts during this Lenten time.  The Headmaster also invited everyone to live this time in peace with God and each other in order to celebrate a blessed Easter.

Mass was celebrated outside the school ground as a precaution against the Corona Virus.