Assessment for Learning Seminar 1

Assessment for Learning Seminar

Ms Angela Coppini, Service Manager for Curriculum Entitlement within the Secretariat for Catholic Education, was responsible of the overall organization of a one day Professional Development Seminar, targeting all the teaching grades employed at Our Lady Immaculate School, St. Dorothy’s School and St Michael School. Ms Coppini was assited by Ms Marisa Bonanno and Ms Elaine Siegler, both Heads of Department for Assessment of Learning.

The PD seminar was held at our school and involved a staff of around two hundered, comprising both teachers and Learning Support Assistants. The first session started with prayers inspired by the Ethos and Mission Statement of each of the participating school. Then after welcoming the participants, Ms Coppini, gave an overview of the day’s work and this was followed by a presentation that featured the answers, given by a number of students from the three schools, to the question: “Which is your favourite method for learning?” The participants where then ask to join one of two subgroups guided either by Ms Bonanno and Ms Sieger so that they could start working of the first strategy i.e.: ‘Understanding students’ learning patterns’. After a short presentation dealing with the theory of the strategy, the participants were asked to regroup according to their teaching department, so that they can now apply the theory in a concrete way.

After a short break, the participants started working on the day’s second session entitled: ‘Sharing the Learning Intention’. This also followed the same structure of the first session, first the theory and then the hands-on session with the respective HOD. For this second session, two Inclusion Coordinators met the LSA cohort as a group, on their own.

The seminar came to an end with a plenary session in the hall. Here all the participants were given the opportunity to give their feedback on the day’s work, and share their general reflections both on the themes that were dealt with and also the logistics behind the organization of the seminar.