Back to School on Monday 11th January

A Joint Statement from the Government, the Malta Union of Teachers, The Secretariat for Catholic Education, the Church Schools Association and the Independent Schools Association.

On Friday 8th January,  a meeting was held by the Prime Minister, the Minister of Education and the Permanent Secretary of Education, together with representatives from the Malta Union of Teachers, the Secretariat for Catholic Education, the Church Schools Association and the Independent Schools Association.

During the meeting Professor Charmaine Gauci, Superintendent of Public Health, gave a presentation to outline the situation Malta is in with regards to the Covid-19 Pandemic and its effect on schools.  Dr Vincent Marmara was invited to shed light on the analysis of the data relating to the Pandemic in Malta.

In conclusion, a clear reassurance was given that when schools are open and adhere to the protocols issued by the Health Authorities, there is a tendency that the number of infected cases is reduced in the community because families attend fewer social events. This provides greater protection for children and educators and also helps to curb the pandemic on a national level.

Therefore, schools are able to open as from Monday, 11th January with all the agreed-upon protocols in place as stipulated by the Superintendent of Public Health. All the members mentioned above also agreed that:

  • Contact-tracing procedures and the implementation of protocols will be improved;
  • The procedures governing medical certificates will also be improved;
  • Staff in schools will be given priority after the present plans of vaccination are being rolled-out to Health Workers and the Elderly;
  • All members of this group will receive information, on a weekly basis, on the updated figures regarding the effect of the Pandemic in schools;
  • The Government, together with the members mentioned will again form part of a working group that will meet often to discuss and review the practices in place to fight the Pandemic.

All schools, in all sectors, will be implementing all protocols and mitigation practices as stipulated and will open on Monday, 11th January in the same manner and model that had been decided upon by them, before Christmas.