Carpark and Ground Project

5th April, 2018 – Thank God the parking is finally ready.  Only some works on the ground is now left for it to be fully completed.

During the Easter holidays a lot of work has been done.  The contractors got more planks for the last part of the ground roof.  Membrane has been spread and new drain pipes for drainage have been installed.

Inside the school in the ground floor corridor a new exit leading to the parking has been opened.  Plastering is being done and tiles have been laid. All this work, besides being dangerous causes dust and dirt.  Therefore, for safety reasons, the Board of Directors have decided that the school will not open tomorrow, Friday 6th April so that this work can be carried out safely.  By Monday the school will be clean and ready to welcome back again the students for a new term.

We would like to thank all those involved in this work so that this project could have been completed.

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