Christmas Time at our School


Christmas is always celebrated in a lovely and special way in our school.  The procession of Baby Jesus, mass, voluntary activities, the Form V farce, the class parties and above all St Michael Got Talent.

The last two days of term one started with the procession of Baby Jesus.  Form I and II students walked with Baby Jesus from the ground to the hall were Fr Carl and all the other students were waiting for their arrival.  While singing the hymn ‘Ninni La Tibkix Izjed’, Baby Jesus was laid in the manger. Mass was celebrated by Rev Dr Carl M. Sultana and animated with songs and features.

The rest of the program continued with a good number of students participating in voluntary activities while those who remained at school watched a film and played games.

For the last one and a half hours of the day, everyone gathered in the hall to assist the much awaited farce prepared enthusiastically by the Form V students during which they make us laugh by imitating a number of staff members.

The following day, being the last day of this term we started with the class parties and after everyone gathered in the hall for a lovely programme entitled ‘St Michael Got Talent’.  During this talent show various students sang, acted, danced and played musical instruments.  Like past years a big number of old boys attended for this activity.

Finally the Headmaster wished everyone a Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays.

We thank all staff members for their work and dedication so like previous years we had another Christmas programme full of lovely and different activities.

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