Drama: Peace on Earth – The Story of Joseph

This year our school prepared a Christmas play as part of its annual appointment at this time of the year.

This original play entitled Peace on Earth – The Story of Joseph (Sliem fuq l-Art – L-Istorja ta’ Guzeppi) was penned by one of our Maltese teachers, Mr Darrel Pace.  It was under the direction of Mr Tonio Callus, our drama teacher.  The cast was made up of about 30 students and staff members.  To help behind the scenes was also a good number of students and staff who worked together as a team to make this play a successful one.  All the work involved in the preparation took place at school and everyone set to work on the script, preparation of songs, costumes, light and sound and much more particular details a performance like this entails.  It was indeed a play which exposed the talents we have at school.

We thank God that everything ran smoothly, and we also express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr Darrel Pace for the mind behind this play and Mr Tonio Callus for directing it.  A big thank you goes to all those who helped in one way or another.