Christmas Concert and Prize Giving Ceremony

On Thursday, 12th December our school held its annual Christmas Concert and Prize Giving Ceremony for the academic year 2018/2019. The evening kicked off with Luca Farrugia, a fifth-year student who addressed those present.  Following this address, we listened to our Form 1 students who sang traditional Christmas carols directed by Ms Antonella Ellul, our music teacher.  Then the school band played The Little Drummer Boy under the direction of Ms Christine Meli, and Scotch on the Rocks under the direction of one of our students Abner John Farrugia FLCM.

To compliment this evening, we invited Mr Keith Cutajar MSc. Information Security (LON), B.Sc. IT (Hons.), CISA, OFCE, forensic expert at court to distribute the certificates to those students who got outstanding results in their studies during scholastic year 2018/2019.  Mr Cutajar was a student himself at our school between 1999 and 2004.  It was now time to present the most awaited musical play ‘Sliem fuq l-Art – L-istorja ta’ Ġużeppi’, an original play by Mr Darrel Pace, under the direction of Mr Tonio Callus together with a team of staff members and students.  The evening proceeded on with Mr Keith Cutajar, who spoke about his experiences of when he was still a student at St Michael School, and later on during his studies.  He spoke about the responsibilities his job as a digital forensic expert at court entails.  He emphasized how the values passed on to him from his family and the school keep guiding him throughout his life.

Last but not least the Headmaster made his speech by passing on his appreciation to the students and staff members for sharing with us their talents.  He also thanked everyone for the hard work involved in putting up such an evening.  He also thanked the parents for their constant support they give to their children and to the school.  He wished a blessed Christmas full of love and peace to all those present.

Everyone was then invited to spend some informal time together while the school band played joyous marches.  We would like to thank all staff members and students who helped in one way or another to make this evening possible.

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