Christmas at St Michael

This years’ Christmas celebrations were spread on three days during which we tried to do our very best to offer our staff and students a spiritual and educational experience synonymous with our tradition and to our school ethos.

On Tuesday, we shortened the lesson by a few minutes to dedicate an hour in which each Form could reflect on and appreciate the true meaning of Christmas. Form 1 & 2 were grouped in the main hall and there they were engaged in a hands-on activity of writing prayers, colouring cards, creating sun flowers from clay and spend time in silent adoration in front of the blessed Sacrament. Form 3 & 4 gathered in the school chapel where through a presentation and reflection they were asked to ponder on life’s true meaning. Our finalists too had the opportunity to reflect on their attitudes vis-à-vis the life of virtue through scenes from a film called Coach Carter.

Wednesday was a kaleidoscope of activities. We started the day with the traditional demonstration of Baby Jesus around the school carried by four of our 5th Formers. The school band created a very festive mood and as the procession entered the hall and we all sang to the sound of the trumpets. Mass followed and during the homily Fr Carl Sultana asked the students not to shy from getting deeper into the message of Christmas and not simply live these days in sentimental or romantic way. Christmas reminds us of several harsh realities, the first of which is the very fact that Mary and Joseph didn’t even have a proper place where to stay during the night when Jesus was born. He then congratulated our students for opting to offer some of their time in voluntary work and he encouraged them to keep this same spirit throughout the year.

In fact, just after a short break after Mass, 260 students left the school premises to go to several different places where the either work or met people to share with them the Christmas joy. In all we had 12 different groups of students who participated in this activity. As the groups returned at around 13:00 the mood was now set for the much-awaited play in which several 5th Formers mimicked several our teachers. The first scene was a parody of what went on during one Parents’ Day and the second scene was an imaginary Parliament sitting where many of our teachers ended up as Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries or Shadow Ministers.

The last day of Christmas programme was the students’ party and the much-loved SMS Got Talent. A number of Old Boys like to join us on this day and this year was no exception. St Michael Got Talent kicked off with five of our teachers impersonating the legend band Queen. What is always very nice and admirable is to see students from all Forms giving splendid performances being singing, playing musical instruments, acting and dancing.

One can appreciate that behind all these activities there was a lot of sacrifice and generosity from all those who took time to think, plan, rehearse and finally execute so that this year’s Christmas programme will live in the memory of our students as another learning and positive experience. We are also very happy to receive such a positive feedback by many of the students’ themselves and even their parents or guardians.

We wish you all a holy Christmas and a year of blessings.

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