Commemorating Professor Oliver Friggieri

Today our school joined the rest of the nation and mourned for Professor Oliver Friggieri on the day of his funeral.

Friggieri was a poet, a novelist, a literary critic, a philosopher and above all, a humble intellectual who believed in God.  He shall always be remembered for his writings and for his contribute towards Malta and the Maltese language.

Back in 2011 the school commemorated the 50th anniversary from the death of Dun Karm Psaila.  On this occasion, Mr Robert Aloisio wrote a play entitled “Dun Karm, 50 sena minn mewtu” and dedicated this work to Oliver Friggieri being the major contributor for Dun Karm’s writings.  Friggieri had willingly accepted to join us that evening and distribute certificates to our students.  During the evening, Lejla Dun Karm, Prof Friggieri encouraged the school to keep working for the importance of the Maltese language, and urged the students to study the Maltese subject with fervour.


Photo:  Professor Friggieri during the Lejla Dun Karm – 2011

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