'Commonwealth' and Awards Celebration 4

Commonwealth Exhibition

In the main foyer of our school a number of posters, drawings, paintings and clay sculptures were put on display for tonight’s Commonwealth and Award Celebration.

During the past few weeks, our school’s Pastoral Care Team organized a number of Live-In activities for our First and Second Formers.

Apart from the particular theme that each Forms delve into during the three-day experience, the project that each group of students had to work on, was related to the CHOGM meeting that is being held in Malta in these days.

Each group of students was assigned one particular country. They then had to distribute the work among themselves and research some specific information and decide on how to present their findings through a project that was to be presented to the parents at the end of the Live-In.

Beside these projects a number of other exhibits were prepared by other students during their Art, Geography and Music lessons.


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