Alleluia! How beautiful is the sound of this word! Alleluia, Christ is Risen!

And my heart, dear Jesus, leaps with Joy. I can feel again your power and glory.

Yes, Lord Jesus, at this site you overcame the most dreadful enemy of life, the most brutal of moments and transformed it into a glorious event.

The tomb saw your glory, witnessed the light of life, testified to your overwhelming power. No stone could hold you, no bandage tie you up. No guard could stand by your everlasting power as Son of the Father Almighty.

From the tomb, dear Jesus, you made your Holy Cross the throne of your Glory. From the tomb you came back alive to fill us with the certainty that we too will participate in your glory as the redeemed ones not through the blood of goats or lambs but t through the blood of the Son of Man.

Alleluia, Lord, from the tomb you filled our hearts with hope. Make it so, Lord, that we always look at this tomb in the moments when we feel ourselves closed in the confined spaces of darkness.

May the victory of your Resurrection spread its peace throughout the world. May it inspire the peoples living next to your “tomb of glory” to overcome the prejudices and hate and grow up in love and respect. Grant to the whole world the Joy of Your Victory. Alleluia!