End of Term

Thank God the second term is over too. Despite the constraints and difficulties of the situation, we can say it was still a positive experience for our school. Although we started this term with two days online and ended it with two weeks online as well, we were thankful to be physically together at school for a number of weeks. Online or not, we committed ourselves to deliver the educational programme we had planned. This is undoubtedly thanks to our educators.

We also noted that in the weeks when we were physically at school, although locally the number of people in Malta who were positive for the virus was very high, the cases we had at school were sporadic and we did not have any internal transmission. This is due to the adherence of precautions your children follow and also for your kind cooperation.

While we wish you nice and peaceful holidays, we pray to God that hopefully school will open again on 12th April.

We wish you a blessed Holy Week.  May you experience this Holy time in a spirit of gathering and reflection.

Stay safe. Peace with you.