End of Scholastic Year Celebration

Tuesday, 25th June – It is an old custom of our school that, after the last annual exam everyone gathers in the school hall in a happy atmosphere to celebrate together the end of the Scholastic Year.  A number of trophies and medals related with the chess league were distributed.  Afterwards a pleasant and euphoric program kicked off with Mr Aloisio and a number of teachers singing Queen songs. This was followed by a quiz were students had to guess photos of members of staff when they were young! The song Sweet Caroline was the highlight – with lyrics written purposely and related with life at school.  A good number of old boys attended since this day is defintely not one to be missed!

Finally, the headmaster encouraged the students to use the holidays well.  He thanked all the staff for their work during this scholastic year and wished everyone happy holidays.  Everyone was then invited to go downstairs and refresh themselves with a delicious ‘granita’.


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