End of Secondary Education Ceremony for Form 5 students

On Thursday, 26th August, we organised a gathering for our Form 5 students who terminated their studies last May.  The celebration was held in the school ground and both students and parents were invited.  Covid-19 measures were followed by all those present.

It was certainly a different celebration than usual.  Mr Johann Tabone who lead the ceremony, cited some writings of St Gorg Preca and others from the book ‘The Prophet’ of Kahlil Gibran.  After Liam Pace from Form 5 F, Luke Buttigieg from Form 5H and Isaac Zarb from Form 5C shared their experience with those present, highlighting the five years they spent at St Michael School.

Mr Joe Gauci, Director and Mr Raymond D’Amato, Headmaster delivered a speech for the occasion. Soon after the certificates were given out to the students present.

The ceremony ended with some refreshments.


img_20210826_200947 graduation-6 graduation-5 graduation-4 graduation-3 graduation-2 graduation-1