Erasmus+ Project – A five day experience in Gustrow, Germany

A group of five students and two teachers returned from a five day experience in Gustrow, Germany last Friday at 6:00 pm.  During their visit there, they carried out work on the first part of the Erasmus+ Project ‘Jobs, jobs everywhere, which one for me?’ together with other students and teachers from Gustrow (Germany), Biella (Italy), Dublin (Ireland) and Vic (Catalonia, Spain).

The students attended discussions about start-ups and about the benefits of training in foreign countries.  In smaller groups, they discussed the trends of the respective countries vis a vis the employment section from the year 2000 to date and which sector will likely employ most people in the coming ten years.  Finally, all five groups agreed about a product they will work on to set up a small company and hence will help them acquire experience on how to create a commercial model.  The project chosen was the one planned by our students.

The visit was satisfying on every level, because besides being an educational and cultural one, it served to build new friendships.

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