eTwinning Project with the Integracyjna Szkola Podstawowa, in Łódź, Polond

On Friday 13th October at 14:30 a group of eleven students together with two teachers from Integracyjna Szkola Podstawowa, in Łódź, Poland came to Malta.  Together with students from our school they continued working on the  EcoSchool Project: Ecological Education in Everyday Life.

The above mentioned students were here on an exchange visit after our students had visited Lodz, Poland, last April.

During their stay here in Malta they visited our capital city Valletta, Mdina, Hagar Qim and Gozo.

On Friday 19th October at 06:00, we all met at the airport to say goodbye.

May we take this opportunity to thank Mr Johann Tabone and Mr Savona for all their work to make this visit possible.  Thanks also to the parents of our students who hosted these Polish students.

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