Feast of St George Preca – Outings

Soon after the mass celebration, all students went on an outing.

Year 7 students headed to Imġarr.  After walking along the Victoria Lines were they could see Phoenician tombs, the students and the teachers accompanying them, had the unique opportunity to visit “Tan-Nixxiegħa Olive Grove”, an agritourism experience which belongs to Ms Jana Vella’s (one of our English teachers) family.

There they had the opportunity to learn about the process of olive pressing to produce olive oil and also learn some interesting facts about bee-keeping and the process of honey making.  They could also taste the oil and the honey produced.  Besides this wonderful experience, the students could admire the beauty of nature surrounding this place full of trees, plants and flowers.  After a short walk they stopped at the Imgarr football ground to play.  We would like to thank all those who contributed towards this enjoyable outing.

Year 8 students left school and walked to the Obstacle Course Academy in Imrieħel.  The students spent a good two hours of physical exercises which for sure exhausted them!

Year 9 students went for a harbour cruise around the port which left from Sliema ferry.  They had a lovely time on the boat. After the harbourt cruise they walked to Tigne where they spent time playing at the Sliema Wanderers football ground.

Year 10 students took a coach to Ħad-Dingli and walked to Ġebel Ciantar in Girgenti. They kept walking to the Siġġiewi football ground, were they spent time playing.

Once back at school everyone was treated to a delicious ice-cream!

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