The Feast of St Michael and the first days of the Scholastic Year 2019/2020

On the first day of this new Scholastic Year, the Headmaster and his Assistants met and addressed all the students in their respective Forms. During these meetings the Administration Team shared the school’s vision and priorities for this particular year and their personal expectations for this scholastic year. Then the students had also meetings with their respective Form Teachers and Assistant Form Teachers. It was then time to start our first formal day of lessons; the time was shared between eight lessons, each of about 30 minutes. At 2:25 pm, nearly all the school mini vans were waiting for the student, and in no time at all, the students were heading home.

The second day was as normal as any other school day, with eight lessons of 40 minutes each. Although this was just our second day, the class-room activities already gained momentum. We were very impressed with the newcomers who seemed to manage to adjust so easily to the new school’s rhythm and find themselves so at home in the new environment.

The fifth day coincided with the Feast of St Michael the Archangel, our School’s Patron Saint. We started off the day by celebrating the Holy Eucharist which was celebrated by Rev Dr Carl-Mario Sultana. After Mass the headmaster addressed the whole school community and spoke about the work that was carried out during the summer holidays and what lies ahead of us for this scholastic year. In his address, the Headmaster also shared information about the plans and commitments that our school has and reminded us all about the two most important values that we treasure at St Michael, namely the respect with which we should all treat each other and the joy of learning. After this celebration members of the staff and students gathered in the garden to eat a piece of timpana (baked pasta).

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