Feast of St Michael, our Patron Saint

On the 29th September we celebrated the feast of St Michael Archangel. Mass was celebrated by Fr Carl Sultana in the school ground.  All the school community gathered together for this celebration in honour of St Michael.  As always our very talented school band animated this mass.

Afterwards all students and staff were given an ice-cream to celebrate this important event of our school.

We take this opportunity to thank Fr Carl for the regular service he gives to the school by celebrating mass.  Thanks also to  Luca Xuereb,  Warren Busuttil and Darrel Pace for their contribution during mass by singing and playing instruments and animating mass in a beautiful way .  Another thank you goes to Peter Paul Calleja for taking care of the sound system during similar events and Neville Galea Pirotta for capturing these special and important moments with his camera.

We pray for St Michael  so that he will keep guiding and protecting us.

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