The Feast of St Michael, our Patron Saint.

The Church celebrates the feast of St Michael, St Gabriel and St Rafael on the 29th of September. This day is very special for us being the feast day of our School’s Patron Saint.

In morning prayers and assembly and the Headmaster spoke about the importance of this day for us and that after the second lesson we were all to gather in the school hall for a special celebration.

As we were all gathered in the hall, one of our Fifth Formers welcomed the students and the teachers and introduced the programme. He invited the day’s two special guests: Satan and St Michael! These two ‘special guests’ were invited for a live debate in the presence of a very attentive audience. Satan spoke about his work, about his antics so as to populate his dominion, while St Michael spoke about the beauty and benefits of a life lived in God’s Grace. At one particular point there was a pause and the audience was presented by a presentation in which scenes were screened where one could see the tangible effects that come either as a result of a modest life or an alienated life. The debate between the two supernatural creatures proceeded when the programme’s presented invited four journalists to take their seats on the podium and have the opportunity of a life time to put questions and interview the ‘guests’.

Satan seemed a little bit uncomfortable with the questions and at time he simply said that he had no comments and nothing to add. Michael took advantage of this and remarked that the more the devil reveals of his tactics the more one comes to know what a liar the devil is. As if this was not enough, the programme’s presenter asked the floor to put their questions! A number of students did put some interesting questions as to why doesn’t God forgive Satan and if angels and demons, heaven and hell existed. Satan admitted that he was not repentant and that he was not ready to ask for pardon and got very angry hearing a student putting to doubt his existence. On the other hand, Satan said that he was also happy that some doubted his existence, because this means that they were easier prey for him to catch!

There were two songs during this debate, one spoke about hell while the other was about angels. These songs had simple but emphatic lyrics and those present followed these songs with great attention.

It was now time to celebrate Mass. Rev. Dr Carl Mario Sultana animated this first Eucharist for all the staff and student of this new scholastic year

It was then time for some light refreshments. All those present were invited to go to the school garden and eat a piece of baked macaroni and a drink. We are very happy that this special programme was well received by those present.

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