Form 1 Live-Ins

The Form 1 students had their first live-in between Thursday, 16th and Saturday 18th January and between Thursday 23rd and Saturday 25th January at Dar Ħanin Samaritan.

Our school offers a programme of five live-ins during Secondary education, one each year.  During each live-in, the students gain an educational and recreational experience in various aspects according to their age.  Being their first live-in, during the Form 1 live-in we help the students to learn more about themselves and also to get to know better the other classmates who they meet for the first time at our school.

During the live-ins, the time dedicated for meeting and prayers is held in a peaceful environment.  Without any doubt, the highlights of the live-in are the moments shared during lunchtime and dinner and obviously during the social activities, the long walks and time of recreation spent together.

We also believe that sharing what happened during the live-in with the parents is beneficial for both students and parents.  Every live-in ends with a meeting all together were the theme related to the live-in is discussed.  After celebrating mass as one whole family we gather together socially and share the food the parents themselves bring along.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of staff who dedicate so much of their time to our students, the parents for their trust and cooperation towards the school and the students who participate eagerly during these live-ins.

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