Form 3 Live-in

Friday 8th November – a group of about 69 Form 3 students started a live-in experience together at Porziuncola House, Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq.  After a short address by the Headmaster the students left by coach.  The subject of this live-in will be Peer Pressure.

First Day

Upon arriving the students were assigned to their rooms.  Mr Aloisio made an introduction and presentation on the subject and the students were then divided into groups for discussion.  After a short break they watched the film The Mighty.

Lunch followed and afterwards they left for a hike in Madliena and the Victoria Lines.  At 4pm they went to play football at Għargħur ground.

After dinner they continued watching the second part of the film and after prayer time everyone was asleep by midnight.

Second Day

After an abundant breakfast the students gathered in the chapel for prayers.  They were then divided in groups where they discussed the film they watched on Friday.  They followed a presentation by Jorge Spiteri, an old boy, about bee breeding and honey.

After a short break they had a mass celebration and after lunch they went for a walk-through Splash and Fun till MUSEUM Pembroke.  They had time to play football and other games.

In the evening they had dinner, showered and left for a night hike.  Back home everyone was exhausted and went to sleep.

Third Day

As usual, Sunday morning the students had breakfast and soon after they packed their belongings.  It was not long before the parents started arriving.

It was so nice to see students and children participating together during mass. The students then shared the experience they lived together during these days.  They spoke about the projects they worked on in the groups.  Subjects related to Peer Pressure such as smoking, drinking and abuse of certain substances were brought up during the discussions.  During this live-in students were educated to learn to create positive pressures amongst each other.

The live-in ended by gathering in the garden to share the food the parents brought along.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff members who dedicated so much of their time for the students, the parents for their trust and cooperation towards the school and last but not least the students who participated actively during this live-in.


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