Form 5 Live-In

Our Form 5 students experienced their last live-in together between Wednesday 5th and Friday 7th February at Porziuncola House, Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq.  This was the fifth and last live-in for these students who will soon finish their secondary years at our school.

The live-in included a variety of activities focusing on the subject ‘The Choices I have to Make’…. choices they need to make during their life particularly at this important time related to the post-secondary education.

Besides the hikes, games, etc., four ex-students joined the live-in to share with them their experiences during secondary school and afterwards in their life.  The students also watched a couple of films that conveyed a strong message in favour of integrity and correct behavioural attitudes.  Mass was celebrated every day and the students had time to pray and reflect about the realities surrounding them.  This was supported by social interaction and effective communication with the teachers who were present during the live-in.

 At the end of the live-in the presence of the parents was an added value to this wonderful experience.  We thank the teachers and LSEs for making this live-in yet another memorable one.

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