4th November – Foundation Day

Soon after World War 2, the Education in Malta was not available to all those who wanted to learn.  Secondary Education was not compulsory like it is nowadays and at that time there was only one lyceum and only a couple of church secondary schools.  Anthony Agius, who was a Dockyard employer from Ħamrun, and also a member of the Museum Society, felt the need to open a school with the intention to prepare boys for an apprentice exam which would enable them to join the Dockyard.  In 1946, Mr Agius resigned from work, risking his financial income.

Anthony Agius explained how he had met Dun George Preca on the stairs of the San Gaetan Church in Ħamrun and told him about his idea.” Next Monday Villa Violette will open as a school and all the teachers shall be members of the Society of Christian Doctrine”.  Dun George was very pleased with the news and asked Mr Agius to kneel down so he could give him his blessing.  This happened exactly 74years ago, on the 4th of November 1946 when Anthony Agius became the first Headmaster of St Michael School, assisted by Carmel Callus, Superior General of the Society.  That day the school welcomed its first pupils of St Michael School in Villa Violette, Marsa.

We thank God for the inspiration of Anthony Agius, the blessing of Saint George Preca, and the hard work of many educators and workers of the school throughout all these years.  It is thanks to them that till today so much good is delivered and so many fruitful experiences are shared. Let us all unite together to thank God for all the blessings we received and keep receiving.