‘French is Fun’ Day

Every year, on the 20th of March, French speaking countries and French speakers around the World, celebrate the International Day of La Francophonie. During this day, people from different countries, celebrate their unity and diversity through one common factor that they share among themselves – the French language. On this occasion, 220 million French speakers from many different countries worldwide, celebrate their solidarity and their desire for sharing common lifestyles, united together, by organizing different activities during what is called La Semaine de la langue française et de la francophonie. During the month of March or around that time, various schools and educational institutions, in different countries around the world where French is a spoken or taught language, organize events like treasure hunts, writing competitions, song competitions, enjoyable activities, to make French FUN to learn and to use, by everyone, everywhere, no matter how young or old.

This year, because of the Pandemic, certain events to celebrate this special day, could not take place around the world. Nevertheless, in Malta, the APFM (Association des Professeurs de Français à Malte), encouraged Teachers to celebrate La Francophonie with their students of French at school, through various activities like : online games, quizzes, songs or films in French, during a French lesson of their choice.

At St. Michael School, our Teachers of French, Ms Victoria Monseigneur and Ms Sharon Abdilla, celebrated La Francophonie during their French lessons, on Tuesday the 11th of May 2021, during FRENCH IS FUN DAY, where students enjoyed watching craft-making episodes in French, films and typical French cartoons, while at the same time working on different hands-on activities. Listening to Disney Songs in French, on a LIVE radio station from Lyon in France, was also one of the surprises of the day for the students, who together with their Teacher, enjoyed themselves learning more French in a pleasant atmosphere which was truly so much FUN for everybody around!

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