GLOBE – Air Quality Campaign

Considering the fact that our school is situated in a central area with a heavy traffic flow, the Eco School Committee of St Michael School, once again took the initiative to calculate the amount of emissions deriving from exhaust and factories which surround the area and which are contaminating the air.

With the collaboration of Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) we teamed up with a school in Gozo and another one in Ireland to work on the project GLOBE Air Quality Campaign.

On Tuesday, 5th October, Ms Lorraine Zammit, Manager at the Head Office of HSBC Bank (who is sponsoring this project), visited our school by donating apparatus to be used in this venture.

During the first phase of this project, the students have to collect samples and analyse the presence of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) found in the air.  Besides they have to observe and take photos of the clouds, temperatures, humidity, wind and the number of cars which pass in front of our school.  Later this data shall be sent to Ireland for further analysis.

This project is very useful for our students because it will help them learn new things, take readings, analyse data and discuss results.

We would like to thank Mr Joseph Savona and our hardworking students who form part of the Eco School team for this initiative and for all the work they carry out at school.  We also thank Ms Ramona Mercieca, Coordinator of Globe (Malta) and HSBC who are always ready to sponsor projects towards a better environment.

GLOBE (Malta):

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