Graduation Day 2019

A very moving programme was held on Thursday 6th June, at the school hall, that brought to an end the five-year course of studies for our school leavers.

As the students and parents started to arrive, one could easily notice that in the eyes of many there was interplay of joy and sadness. Joy because this event was going to crown the work of five busy years, but sadness because it is obvious that to a certain extent, this bond that was nurtured for so many years, was now coming to an end.

The opening prayer consisted of short readings from excerpts taken from the writings of St George Preca followed by the singing of Amazing Grace. This was then followed by experiences that were shared by eight students, who highlighted some of the events, activities and incidents that they feel were most meaningful during the five scholastic years they spent at our school.

Other students read the last words of Socrates before he was condemned to death as interpreted by Plato and the vision of St George Preca, our Founder, about the education of children, while another student played “Jupiter from the Planets” by the English composer Gustav Holst.

The audience was then addressed first by Mr Ruben Pace, Chairperson of our School’s Board of Directors and Mr Raymond D’Amato, the Headmaster. Mr D’Amato then invited Mr Pace to distribute the Diplomas to the students, a certificate that reflects all the results the students obtained during their five-year study programme at our school.

On a lighter note, the last item before the reception was a visual presentation made up from a compilation of photos, depicting the various events this group of students experienced between Form 1 and Form 5.

It was really nice, and at the same time moving, to see students, parents and many members of staff enjoying themselves together in the school garden as one big family.

Finally, we would like to thank in a special way Mr Martin Abela our school secretary and the clerk, Ms Janet Agius, for their meticulous work in preparing all the data needed for the compilation of the School Profile and Certificates and the Diplomas. We also thank Mr Robert Aloisio who coordinated this celebration and all the other Staff Members who helped out in one way or another.