Heartfelt Thanks

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all those who showed their sympathy for the sudden loss of our teacher Mr Joseph Agius.  We appreciate each and every message we received, and we thank God for all the support and care you showed towards us.

On Monday members of staff, students and ex students gathered for the funeral while on Tuesday a mass for the repose of his soul was celebrated at school.  It was a lovely gathering where we prayed for Mr Joseph Agius who gave service to the school for the past 26 years.

During the past days with the help of Psychologists, Counsellors and Guidance Teachers we offered emotional support and help to members of staff and students.  We also organised online support meetings for members of staff and parents.  The recording of the meeting for parents can be found in MySpot.  We suggest everyone to find time and listen to it.

Although we passed through this hard experience, we also realised that we share a great sense of community and caring in our tifkira-31 tifkira-4 tifkira-2 ngp_2020_10_20_9999_68 ngp_2020_10_20_9999_67 ngp_2020_10_20_9999_64school.

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone once again.  Let us keep praying for the repose of Mr Joseph Agius, his wife, sister and his family.  May they find comfort in this difficult time.