The Holy Eucharist and Baby Jesus

The Holy Eucharist and Baby Jesus have a major role during Christmas celebrations.  Christmas without the Holy Eucharist and Baby Jesus is not a Christmas at all.  We have taken all necessary precautions and thus still managed to celebrate Mass together as a school, and Baby Jesus was with us all the time.

This year we turned the ground into a chapel and celebrated Christmas mass outside.  It was another spiritual and deep experience.  Christmas celebrated at our school is surely an occasion to be remembered.

We encourage everyone to find time to celebrate this Christmas together as a family and spend time silently adoring Baby Jesus.  We would like to thank Fr Carl Sultana for his presence and service at school, Mr Peter Paul Calleja who was in charge of the sound system and Mr Luca Xuereb, Mr Warren Busutill and Mr Darrel Pace who animated Mass with music during this celebration.


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