Inauguration of the Official Opening and Blessing of the Ground and Parking

6th November, 2019 – We have been preparing for this occassion for quite a while..and it finally arrived.  We woke up to a sunny day which made it possible for us to stick to our original plans to organise the activities planned for the day to take place outside.

At 8.15am a dialogue between two students, a fifth former and a form 1 student kicked off the morning.  They briefly went through the story which goes back to 73 years ago when the school opened its doors for the first time back in 1946.  As the form 1 student said, today we are not celebrating a ‘finished’ school but a school which has always ‘work in progress’ just as Bishop Joe Galea Curmi also remarked in his simple but deep homily.  Mass was animated by the school band and a number of our students who are altar boys helped out during the mass.

Mr Tonio Callus read the first reading.  He was the one chosen from the Society of Christian Doctrine as Project Manager for this project.  At the end of the mass, the Headmaster, Mr Raymond D’Amato thanked everyone who was involved in the realisation of this project, the contractors, the architect and above all God.

Afterwards the staff and students together with the guests were invited to take part in the blessing rite of the ground by Bishop Galea Curmi.  After a short break all those present could watch three football games played by ex students who form part of a prominent Maltese football club against a team made up of staff and students.

The students had then time to play too.  Some played football in the ground, while others played in the gym.  Others preferred to watch the film Pele or play chess.

Indeed what Saint George Preca preached, ‘Wherever we look we see nothing but God’s providence.

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