KreaDrama – A colourful feast of creativity, art, music and drama.

On Friday 17th May, the school invited parents, students and friends to join this celebration where we exhibited some of the work done at school throughout the year.

Art works and pieces by students and photos of e-Twinning projects were exhibited in the classroom’s downstairs.  Mathematics games and activities, robotics and Arduino were also activities that took place downstairs.

The foyer was decorated to celebrate the closing of the Erasmus + project. The Chess room was open for those parents and students who wished to play chess.  We also had books and food for sale.

In the ground we had two programmes running.  Between 730 pm and 8.15 pm we had a presentation related with the work done during the Erasmus+ project.  This included a short play written for the occasion.  Between 9.00 pm and 10.00 pm we had a comedy play.  Following the play, a number of certificates were awarded to students.  The evening ended with a medley of songs from Queen and a message from the Headmaster.  In between the programmes, the school band, made up of students, ex students and parents entertained those present with joyful marches.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved who in one way or another helped to make this evening a successful one.  The work was coordinated between various people who prepared drama, music, light and sound, exhibitions, school band, food and book sale etc.  This involved dedication from a big number of staff and students.  Thanks to everyone!

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