Live-in Form 2

About 70 Form 2 students participated in a live-in which was held between Thursday, 28th November and Saturday, 30th November at Mount St Joseph, Targa Gap.

The theme during this live-in was diversity and the programme was a varied one including mass and time for prayers.  After a presentation on diversity they had an experience from a visual impaired person and later they watched the film Like Stars on Earth.  Obviously fun times of hiking, jokes and games were a major part of this live-in too.

It was indeed a beautiful experience to see both students and parents participating together during this live-in and gathering together for mass.  The students were very well behaved during the live-in and they had time to work in groups to reflect on the diversity, conditions and opinions of other people.

The live-in ended by a gathering in the garden to share the food the parents brought along.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff members who dedicated so much of their time for the students, the parents for their trust and cooperation towards the school and last but not least the students who participated actively during this live-in.