Living Languages… Open up new Worlds.

Towards the end of scholastic year 2018/2019 the Ministry of Education had organised a short film making competition for students attending secondary schools with the aim to promote studies in foreign languages titled ‘Living Languages…Open up new worlds’.

A group of five students who learn German from our school Kurt Caruana, Liam Pace, Luke Buttigieg, James Morrison and Joel Gatt got together to produce a short film for this competition.  They named it  ‘The Unknown Language’.

Towards mid summer we were informed that this film had placed first and the reward was a professional version of this production which had to be filmed at school.

Today, Wednesday 16th October, crew members from Take 2 directed by Carlos Debattista came to school to film a promo.  Another student Abner Farrugia who is in Form 5 joined the rest of the team.  He played the part of the teacher.  A group of St Joseph Sliema girls also joined the group.

This promo shall be aired on 30th October which is the day dedicated to the teaching of foreign languages.  We would like to congratulate the students for winning this competition and we also thank Mr Parascandalo for this initiative and for directing the students.

german-filming-4 german-filming-2 german-filming-3 german-filming-1 german-filming-6 german-filming-5 german-filming-7