Marathon Walk 2019

We certainly couldn’t ask for a better day for our Marathon Walk!

Plans were all set for Friday 15th February to hold the annual Marathon walk.  It was a perfectly sunny day… with a gentle breeze and cloudless sky.

After the morning prayers we set off at 8.15 were our coaches took us to Marsascala near the ‘ex Jerma Hotel’.  We could all appreciate the panoramic view of the open sea of Marsascala.

At 9.00 it was time for our walk to start.  We walked all the promenade towards the village centre.  When we arrived, we stopped for a short rest.  After having a snack, we started off for Xgħajra.  We passed by lovely views of the nature that surrounds us particularly the wonderful crystal-clear sea.  It was great to see some 300 students and 50 members of staff walking together amongst the Maltese countryside.

At 11.45 we arrived at Xgħajra.  Students and members of staff soon organised themselves in teams and started playing football at the Xgħajra Tornadoes Football ground.  Some other members and students preferred a rest and had lunch over a chat together.

At 13.15 the coaches took us back to school.  When we arrived, we got together for prayer.  The Headmaster announced that the total sum collected for the Marathon Walk was of €6,645.  He thanked everyone for the effort but most of all he thanked the students for their good behaviour.  He was happy that no student had to be scolded during the marathon walk.  This reflects very well on the students and the school.

We thank God for the many wonderful experiences together!

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