Marathon Walk 2020

We certainly couldn’t ask for a better day for our Marathon Walk!  Plans were all set for Friday 21st February to hold the annual Marathon walk.  It was a perfectly sunny day… with a gentle breeze and cloudless sky.  As soon as the students arrived at school, everyone waited eagerly for the assembly bell to announce the arrival of the buses that had to drive us up to Girgenti, limits of Siġġiewi.

At around 8.15 a.m. the Headmaster led the whole school community through our morning prayers and then gave a number of announcements. It was now time to set off. Every class accompanied by their Class Teachers and other members of the staff alighted the buses and headed to Girgenti.

From there we walked down the beautiful countryside towards Fawwara. We then stopped for a short rest near the Chapel of the Annunciation.  After having a snack, we proceeded towards Ġebel Ciantar. The scenery was beautiful, and as we walked we could enjoy both the beauty of the country side and the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea. The green fields, the yellow flowers and the gleaming limestone enabled us to relax and enjoy every minute of our walk.

It was great to see some 320 students and 50 members of staff walking together.  From there we kept walking towards the village of Dingli and to our final destination – the Dingli Swallows Football Ground. There the students found their way to share the area among them and enjoy a game of football while others opted to bask in the beautiful winter sun.

Tempus fugit! Yes soon it was soon time to return back to school. The games stopped and everyone found the way back to the buses that were all ready to drive us back to school.  Once back at school the Headmaster informed the students that the total sum collected this year was that of €8,294 while Hayden Diacono of Form 3 Hope was the lucky student whose name was drawn from the box full of tickets.  This year, Hayden managed to reach about 200 persons and in the last three Marathon Walks he contributed more than €700.

We are very grateful that this day turned out to be a wonderful one for all of us. We would like to thank all those who supported this event.

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