National Innovation Challenge

We would like to congratulate a group of nine students from our school (Forms 3 and 4), who took part in the National Innovation Challenge organised by the HSBC Malta Foundation and Junior Achievement Young Enterprise (JAYE) Malta Foundation.

The team ‘Michaelites’ which was formed by Matteo Grixti, Luke Cachia Enriquez, Ben Galea, Luke Borg, Raffaele Sigona, Michael Spiteri, Nikolai Matvei Mifsud, Matteo Scalpello and Steven Sollars particpated in this online competition and placed second on an international level.

The participants had to find a solution for a particular challenge – increasing the knowledge and financial skills for teenagers.  They created a game by designing questions and ways on how one can increase or decrease his money.  The ‘Michaelites’ submitted a powerpoint presentation explaining the idea of the game and also a video on how to play it. Working together as a team was a very fruitful experience for these students which helped them to work together and come out with different ideas on solving common issues.

We are very pleased with their success and we would like to thank Mr Christopher Aquilina, Assistant Head who coordinated this activity.

Link for You Tube video:


The powerpoint presentation: the-success-ladder-nic-presentation

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