New Scholastic Year 2015-2016

Monday 27th September, at 07:15 the door opens for a new Scholastic Year.

The new comers are standing against the entrance door, eager and full of anticipation for what this day will mean for them. In five years’ time, many will recall this day and talk with a sense of nostalgia about it.

The older students were happy to meet, although, today both because of our social network and also because many of our children inner circle are school rather than village based, many met on a regular basis during the holidays.

It was also nice to see the chapel fairly full, with a sizable number of new and old students together with other members of the staff who chose to start the scholastic year together, praying Mass and sharing in the Eucharist.

The first two lesson were dedicated as an introduction for the new school year. Grouped in different locations, the students were addressed first by the Headmaster and/or his Assistant Heads and then by the class Form Teachers. At 09:15 we were set to start the first lesson. It is amazing how at times you get the feeling that this first day of school was not in fact the day when we returned after the long summer holidays but it was as if we just came back after the week-end! The day’s event ran so smooth. This was also observed and mentioned by the new members of our staff.

On the second day, being the 29th September, feast day of St Michael, St Gabriel and St Raphael, after settling in for the first two lessons, we all gathered at the hall to celebrate Mass together. In his homily, the celebrant, Rev Fr Carl Sultana, spoke about the beauty of resting in the protective hands of God. St Michael, being the guardian of our school teaches us a great lesson, namely to give God his proper place in our lives.

After Mass we were all in for a surprise. A number of past-students who came to visit us asked permission to address the school community. They purposely came to greet Mr Tonio Callus, to thank him for all that he shared and gave them during the four years that they knew him and to welcome him back. It was really moving when other past-students joined and presented a cake which was then shared with all the member of the staff.

After this moving moment, the Headmaster announced that the school was going to launch its new web site. Mr Maurice Aquilina, one of our I.T. teachers and the person who designs and maintain our school site gave a brief presentation in which he spoke about why our school embarked on this project. We are really indebted for the work Mr Aquilina employed on the new website.

We also like to greet Ms Sharon Abdilla, Mr Laurence Bonello, Mr Darren Bugeja, Mr Daniel Calleja Cremona and Mr Mike Scerri who will now form part of our teaching staff.

We feel very grateful to God almighty, and to all those who work hard in favour of our school.

The headmaster presenting the new staff to the students.

The headmaster presenting the new staff to the students.

The highlight of the day... Timpana!

The highlight of the day… Timpana!