Rebranding Exercise – Phase 2

Various refurbishing works have been carried out on the school facade and entrance hall.  After the rebranding of the school logo and uniform, it was time to give a new fresh look to our school premises.  During the last couple of weeks major works involving plastering and painting were carried out at school.  This morning the front door has also been removed for further refurbishing. Signs still have to be fixed to the façade together with decorative works at the entrance.

We are satisfied that we entrusted the new design to Ms Antonella Cassar, Interior & Product Designer from Nuvi Design Studio.  We thank her for her guidance and creative ideas, and we also thank Mr. Christopher Abela, the contractor who does the plastering and painting work. Heartfelt thanks to all the non-academic staff of the school, who continue with their work in the summer.  This work would be impossible without their commitment towards the school.

Last but not least we thank you parents.  If it weren’t for your generous donations, this work would not be possible,

Note: There will be a meeting of Church Heads of School on Thursday. We hope that by Monday, 13th of September we will be in a position to provide information on how we will be proceeding in the first weeks of the new scholastic year.

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