Scholastic Year 2014-15 is now part of history!

There is an expression in Latin that says: Tempus fugit – time flies (passes) and how true this is.

Week after week, event after event and the calendar scrolls always ushering something new. As we started the third term we were gearing ourselves up to the last group of events and activities. The annual examination were also very present in the minds of both teachers and students, the teachers preoccupied with concluding the syllabus, while the students, or a good percentage of them, with the stress that exams bring with them.

The month of June is like a ghostly month, it simply vanishes! Working half-day is like working against a stop-watch and one needs to be disciplined is one wants to complete the tasks at hand. During the last week of the scholastic year, we celebrated Eucharistic day. It was the last time that as a school we gather together to celebrate Mass and dedicate some allotted time to every class to sit still in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

Thursday 11th June was the first day of the Summative Assessment exercise in written and oral examinations in practically all the subjects that were taught during this scholastic year. The members of the staff had also their last formal CPD (Continuing professional development) meeting and will now being focused on corrections and the compilation of the assessment marks.

Yet, at our school, we don’t like to end the year with the taste of stress and study but with a lighter tone. Thus just after the last exam, all the school community together with a substantial number of ex-students, we gather at the school hall for a friendly moment, dotted with humour, a bit of sarcasm and humour.

Then on Thursday, some 110 students from the junior group went to Għadira Bay. At first the strong wind and the presence of jellyfish was going to dampen the situation, yet children are children and after the first moans, they jumped into the choppy waters, swam, played and enjoyed themselves up to the very last minute when they were called to get out of the sea as it was time to return home. On Friday, it was time for the senior group to go to the sea. Some 80 students joined in this event and being older, the group headed towards Marsaxlokk to swim at Xrobb l-Għaħin.

Food glorious food oh, no sorry! Its holidays, glorious holidays. There was a time that we were looking forward for a new scholastic year, now we are looking forward for some weeks of rest and recreation.