Sports Day 2018

This year’s Sports Day was held at the Cottonera Sports Complex due to the works that are now at their final stages on our school’s outdoor and recreational area.

As the students entered the gymnasium they found their sports teachers and other members of the staff ready to kick-start the first of a number of events. The first event was a relay with a number of formidable obstacles that each team of four players had to complete. We also enjoyed seeing a number of teachers and LSA competing in a friendly atmosphere, one leg of this obstacle race.

Game after game the students had the opportunity to show their sporting skills in a number of events that included a Car Race; Dodge Ball; Capture the Flag; Water Sports and the game that brings all the class together, pulling on the rope in the much expected Tug of War.

This event brought about the end of the Second Term and the much awaited Easter Holidays. We would also like to thank all those who helped in the preparation and execution of this event and all the members of the Staff who supervised the students.

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