Sports Day 2019

Tuesday, 17th December we celebrated Sports Day at school.

The day was packed with games and competitions.  After the morning prayers every House took part in a parade and soon after the games kicked off.  We had Obstacle Races, Relay Races, Sumo Fight and Water Dodge Ball, Hanging Challenge, Jeep Pull Challenge and Tug of War.  A futsal tournament took place in the school gym.  A group of Form 5 students took part in this tournament and were divided in teams according to their House.  At 2.00 pm the final was played by the Kavallieri and the Fenici, with the latter winning the tournament scoring 1-4.

At the end of the Sports Day, Mr Luke Borg, our PE teacher announced that the Normanni had won scoring 205 points followed by the Fenici scoring 202, Kavallieri scoring 156 and Rumani 136 points.

The Headmaster thanked Mr Saliba and Mr Borg for the very well organised Sports Day.  He also thanked the House Leaders and all the staff members who took part and helped out during the day.  Thanks also went to all the students who participated with a positive attitude throughout the competitions which were held during the Sports Day.

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