St Michael School – General Information

St Michael School is a Catholic Secondary School run by the Society of Christian Doctrine, M.U.S.E.U.M.

Our school caters for boys between the ages of 11 and 16.


School Days and Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: From 07:55 to 14:30

Wednesdays: From 07:55 to 12:30

June: 07:40 to 11:45

We open the school door at 07:00 and from that time onwards we offer supervision.

At 07:25 Rev. Fr. Dr Carl Mario Sultana says the Holy Mass in the School Chapel daily. (This is optional)


Subjects taught:

Formative and Cultural – Religion, Personal and Social Education, Social Studies, Maltese History, Environmental Studies, Music, Art, Media Education, Craft, Chess, Drama and Physical Education.

Languages – Maltese, English, Italian, German and French.

Sciences – Mathematics, Integrated Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computing, and Information Technology.

Other Subjects – Accounting, Graphical Communications, Economics and Home Economics.


We offer setting (tracking) in Maltese, English, and Mathematics.

By setting or tracking we separate students by academic ability into groups for the named subjects to follow the curriculum of that particular subject. For example, one student can be in Track 3 (the highest ability) in English while he can be in Track 1 in Mathematics.


Choice of subjects at the end of Form 2

One can choose any two subjects from: Accounting, Art, Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Economics, Graphical Communications, Home Economics, IT VET and PE Option. NOTE: For each option there has to be at least 8 students

We also offer Prince’s Trust International Programme to students who are not able to choose and follow two academic option subjects.



Our students are offered the service of two Guidance Teachers, a Counsellor, an Inclusion Coordinator, a Social Worker and a Youth Worker.


School Transport

We offer transport from every town and village of Malta coordinated by Co-Op Services Ltd, Triq in-Nassab, Qormi Malta QRM 3542. Their telephone number is 22 265 800 and their email address is [email protected]



Our school does not issue circulars indicating the amount of donation which has to be paid but it welcomes and appreciates any donations from parents towards the schools’ educational projects.


School Ethos

St Michael School strives to receive its students with the same healing and teaching attitude that Jesus showed towards all those who befriended him. Thus, Christ the Teacher is our model on whom we cast our behaviour and all our activities.

Inspired by the call received by St George Preca, St Michael School lives a particular spirituality where the virtues of humility and meekness are the prevalent attitudes that guide us. At St Michael we work through our daily routine with the knowledge that we are constantly nourished by the presence of God and strengthened by the protection of St Michael the Archangel.

To provide a holistic education, we endeavour to form an educational environment which encourages the student to develop new talent and obtain the necessary knowledge that empowers him to live up to his potential.


School Mission Statement

St Michael School is a Catholic Secondary School run by the Society of Christian Doctrine, M.U.S.E.U.M. The school caters for boys aged between 11 and 16 years.

Our community continuously strives for a better life inspired by the teachings of the Gospels and other human values. Together we assert that every individual is unique, and that his/her dignity is to be fully respected. Therefore, we do our utmost to instill in every student a vision of hope based on our faith in Jesus Christ.

We work hard to prepare each student to take up the challenges of an active and responsible participation in society, along with its varied cultures and environmental heritage.


School Vision

As an educational institution, we regard ourselves as part of a bigger educational body that works both within the local and the European level. By opting to take an active role in all educational activities, we open ourselves and get to know what other schools and institutions are thinking, planning, and doing.

Our school believes in inclusion and we work hard to make this ideal a reality. By inclusion we understand that every student, irrespective of his degree of abilities, has something particular and concrete to contribute towards our school and it is only when all these diverse elements come together that our school becomes a family, complete and united.

While every task is approached and executed with awareness of our limitations and with respect to the environment around us, we firmly believe it is our duty to actively contribute to society and pass on what we have so gratefully received.

Conscious that we are living in a world where basic values are constantly being challenged, we focus our energies on empowering our students with a critical sense of discernment towards all that seem to glitter but is not gold. We believe that it is only by being critical that one comes to obtain true freedom from being enslaved by our materialistic and consumerist society.

We do believe that if we are to succeed in inspiring students to live according these values, we also need to work closely with the parents and guardians, who have entrusted us with the education of their sons. Together, we pull the rope in the same direction as we walk the path of our life.


Other Information

360 students from various towns and villages all over Malta attend our school. There are 15 classes in all, three classes in each form. For a student to begin attending our school in Form 1 it is necessary for him to apply through the Secretariat for Catholic Education.


School Facilities

We have a very spacious hall, a Chapel, a Conference Hall, two Computer Laboratories, four Science Laboratories, one Home Economics Food Lab, an IEP Room, three PSCD Rooms, five Administration Offices, two Staff Rooms, a clinic and twenty two subject based class rooms.


Sports facilities

We have an outdoor football pitch, a spacious playing area, an indoor gymnasium, and an outdoor gym equipment.


Sports during PE and mid-breaks:

During the five-year education, our students train Football, Volleyball, Handball, Basketball, Hockey, Badminton, Rugby, Judo, Table Tennis, Billiard and Chess.


Co-Curricular Activities

We offer various extra-curricular activities for the students, such as: School Council, Eco School, Chess, Sports Activities, Drama, Robotics and Arduino. They can participate in the mentioned councils/activities during break time or as required by the coordinators of these groups.


School Leadership Team

Mr Raymond D’Amato, Head of School, Mr Christopher Aquilina, Mr Simon Camilleri and Mr Johann Tabone Assistant Heads



Email: [email protected]

Telephone numbers: 21484036 / 21484072


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