Staff Development Meeting

Wednesday 27th October – Today we started the celebrations relating to the 75th anniversary of the opening of our School.  This first activity was a seminar for all staff members which was held in the newly refurbished auditorium of the MUSEUM General House in Blata l-Bajda. Together as one community we dedicated some time away from the normal routine and focused on our role within the school and its ethos.

We began with a Mass celebrated by Fr Dr Charles Mallia OC, Archbishop’s Delegate for Catholic Education in which he recalled the Museum Society’s historical connection with the Pope (so much so that the first members were called sons of the Pope) and mentioned the priority that Pope Francis is giving to education during his Pontificate.

Soon after mass, Mr. Johann Tabone, one of our assistant heads, interviewed Superior Natalino Camilleri, a teacher and former Superior General of the Museum on School Ethos and Museum Spirituality. Superior Natalino helped us reflect on the vocation of a teacher working in the Catholic environment.   He encouraged us to follow everything the Pope is telling us when it comes to education. Afterwards the staff members were invited to ask questions on the topic.

After a short break, all staff members continued the discussion in smaller groups.

The headmaster concluded this seminar by giving information about other activities in connection with the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the opening of our School.

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