Students’ Participation in the Globe Program

GLOBE students Jerome Carabott, Neil Camilleri and Andrea Caruana attending St Michael School are estimating tree height, taking photos of the trees and measuring the circumference of the trees in their school garden through the GLOBE Observer App.
Why are these observations important?
Trees cool and moisten our air and fill it with oxygen and can help balance our carbon budget. Forests are considered one of the world’s largest banks for all of the carbon emitted into the atmosphere through natural processes and human activities. Tree height is the most widely used indicator of an ecosystem’s ability to grow trees. Observing tree height allows NASA scientists to understand the gain or loss of biomass which can inform calculations of the carbon that trees and forests either take in from or release into the atmosphere. Tracking how trees are changing over time can help us estimate the number of trees that make up an area.
The GLOBE Program
U.S. Embassy Valletta, Malta
Learning about Forests – LEAF
LEAF Learning about Forests Malta
A proud moment for GLOBE Malta!! GLOBE students Miguel Gauci and Luca Vella attending St Michael School presented their GLOBE investigation during GLOBE Europe and Eurasia regional meeting 2020.
They gave a detailed insight of their GLOBE project; how and when they collected data, the type of instruments used, how data collected was analysed to answer their research question and shared interview they had with a local meteorologist.
Miguel and Luca received lots of positive feedback for their work and their impeccable presentation. Amazing job indeed!!
Well done GLOBErs and GLOBE teacher Joseph Savona, keep it up!!
The GLOBE Program
U.S. Embassy Valletta, Malta
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