Summer is nearly over. H.W. is back! Uff!!!

As we flip our calendar from the month of August to that of September we realize that the holidays are nearly over. You may have travelled, spent time with friends and family, got up late in the morning and had a lot of free time on your hands. Yet now back to school, to book, to HW, to research and … the list goes on.


If for many summer meant holidays, for the Administration Team, the Secretarial Staff and Ancillary Staff, summer meant work and for some hard work! The Board of Directors together with the Administration Team had to meet to review policies, interview prospective new Teachers and LSAs and plan for the new Scholastic Year. The Headmaster had to process all the results, evaluate those who had to sit for resits, prepare the time-table and assign responsibilities for each and every event that will take place during the next scholastic year.


If the Secretary and the clerk are busy during the school months, summer brings no rest! They have to prepare the list of books and notes to be used by every class and every teacher. Printing, filing, shredding, stocking of stationary, ink, paper and … so many other items that are needed by the whole school community.


A lot of work was also done by the technician and ancillary staff especially during this summer when we had so much work related to both embellishment and also construction. We gave a well-deserved face-lift to the school entrance and the main hall foyer. A lot of work went into the new Library which will now be situated next to the Chess Room on ground level. Heavy steel work had to be commissioned to create a balcony so that he library will be housed on two levels of this spacious room. The room that served as library for the past couple of years will now serve as a new Teachers’ Room. A lot of work had to be carried out to move the furniture and equip these rooms with all the necessary pipe works, electrical fittings, etc. The two staff rooms will now serve as a new PSCD and Option Room.


We take this opportunity to thank all those involved who diligently worked and gave their time, strength and expertise so that what we did will be to the best of our school community.


Enjoy your last few days of holidays, but it will be wise to start structuring your day with some specific targets that include reading, revision of last year’s syllabus and some browsing into the books that you will be studying next scholastic year.

New Staff:

* Ms Sharon Abdilla B.Ed (Hons.) in Italian & French to teach Italian and French

* Laurence Bonelo B.Ed (Hons.); B.A. Italian & English; Diploma Social Studies (Occupational Guidance & Career Counselling); HoD to teach PSCD and Media

* Mr Darren Bugeja CACHE Level 4 Diploma for Children and Young People’s Workforce (QCF) – LSA

* Mr Daniel Calleja Cremona B.Ed (Hons.) in Mathematics to teach Mathematics

* Mr Mike Scerri B.Sc (Hons.) in Software Development; PGCE (Computing/ICT); VET in IT to teach VET IT and IT

Ms Elisa Saliba resigned from our Staff, while Ms Denise Psaila Custo will be on maternity & parental leave and Ms Melanie Scicluna will be on one unpaid leave for missionary work in Ethiopia.