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Taizè Experience

The Society of Christian Doctrine MUSEUM invited Bro Francis form the Taizé Community to come to Malta to share the Movement’s spirituality with the general public as part of the three special anniversary the Community is remembering this year.

Brother Roger, the founder of Taizé was born 100 years ago. He funded the community 75 years ago and was unfortunately stabbed to death, at the age of 90, during the evening prayers, precisely, 10 years ago.

The Chairperson of our School’s Board of Directors, invited Bro Francis to come to our school to share his experience and meet our 4th Formers. Thus on Wednesday, we combined our communication time with the 5th lesson and gathered at the school’s main hall. The session started with a 15 minute feature, depicting the spirituality of the Community, and what goes on at Taizé. The Brother then shared some personal experiences especially when he was a teenager himself, his dreams for his future, what his parents planned for him but above all his experience when he first went to Taizé with some friends of his from Germany, his home country.

After this sharing of experience, the students had the opportunity to ask him questions which he diligently answered.

This meeting proved to be a positive and nice experience, and we believe that in future, our students will record this event and cherish it at a deeper level. Who knows, maybe, as one of the students asked, there will be a time also that they go to visit Taizé , not simply out of curiosity, but as Bro Francis encouraged them, to get to a deeper level and seek what is beyond the ordinary dreams than young people have.

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