The Publication of the Annual Examinations Results

On Wednesday 8th July at 11.30 a.m. the results of the Annual Examinations were posted at the Central Mail Office of the MaltaPost. It was a relatively long process of correcting, checking, inputting marks, printing and enveloping. Thanks to our teachers and secretarial staff, this laborious exercise was completed efficiently as scheduled.


We are very pleased with our students’ Annual Examination Results. 226 students (75%) passed from all subjects and were therefore promoted while 74 (22%) students failed in one or more subjects. 9 students failed in more than six subjects.


We congratulate all those students who worked hard throughout all the scholastic year and were well prepared for these examinations.


To those who did not manage to obtain more that 50% of the final mark and have to sit for a Supplementary Examination, we encourage them to reflect on their performance. If one feels that the failing subject is very difficult to cope with and to understand, try to find someone to help you individually and try to invest more study time and effort. If one failed due to his negligence and carelessness, we hope that this serves him as an eye-opener. The Supplementary Examinations exercise is not intended to penalise but rather to motivate students who failed to reach the desired level in that particular subject to do so.


As a revision exercise, we suggest students to download the Annual Examination Papers of June 2014 and June 2015 from the MySpot Section of this site, work them with the help the school textbooks and notes. One can then also print them again and work them under examination conditions. You can repeat this exercise more than once.


Our promoting policy is planned to motivate our students to work throughout the year and to study for all tests and examinations. The Final Mark comprises 20% of the Half Yearly Examination Result, 20% of the Half Yearly Assessment Mark, 20% of the Annual Assessment Mark and 40% of the Half Yearly Examination Result. So one only fails if he is negligent.


Once again we take this opportunity to wish you all a restful summer holidays. Enjoy your holidays with your parents, play games, visit your relatives and spend time by the seaside. At the same time, keep busy at home and help out your parents with some chores. Employ some time in reading books, do some revision work, watch interesting documentaries on TV or DVDs, and do some voluntary work within the community. We also encourage you to attend one of our SDC MUSEUM Centre or any other Youth Centre in your village.


From time to time give a look to this site to keep in touch with the latest news and information.